Sunday, June 28, 2009

A City Girl and Her Garden

Now that I live in the bucolic countryside north of Baltimore, I've decided to take up gardening. Both my sweetie and I have dreamed of a vegetable garden forever, but have only had the room to grown herbs up until now. This year we've planted cucumbers, red peppers, two kinds of tomatoes, sweet peas and of course, lots of herbs. Everything is doing really well, especially now that it's getting hot. We've already enjoyed the sweet peas, but can't wait for fresh Roma tomatoes and sweet cucumbers mixed with our mint and basil. Mmmmmmm. If only we could grow fresh mozzarella, too!

You can tell that we're having a hard time letting our city ways go, since we planted everything in planters. Some habits die hard, but our patio sure looks cute with all the veggies around. I wish it could be early summer all year long.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Stuff!

Well, summer is here and I've been in the studio cooking up some new stuff. I've added some gemstones into a couple of pieces, combining the bright colors with oxidized pieces. I am especially loving the black/red/charcoal combo. Perhaps that's more of a fall combo, but I personally wear black all year round. Check out these cuties!

"Rustic Flower Charm"

"Jade Drop Earrings"

"Blue Candy Drop"

I've also been having too much fun with my trusty companion, Louie. He likes to make the most of summer by swimming and chasing balls as much as possible. Check out this photo of him hanging out after a particularly athletic romp - I don't think his tongue could be hanging out any more!

Lastly: I was featured on Indiefixx yesterday. My Petite Teardrop Earrings made Jen's top 8 birthday picks. Too cool!