Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hold the Meat

For a long time now, both my husband and I have toyed with the idea of giving up meat. We love animals and have often made veggie and vegan meals for ourselves. We also have had a penchant for the Hamilton Tavern's tasty bacon, egg and cheese burger and for fine cured meats. Nonetheless, a few weeks ago we threw in the towel and actually gave up meat. And you know what? We both feel great! Besides, there are so many yummy, yummy foods that don't have meat in them. Here are some examples of my favorites:
-Salsa and Chips
-Gnocchi with pesto
-Peanut butter
The picture at the top of the post was my lunch today, and it was so tasty. It was half of a toasted homemade English muffin, soy sausage, basil from the garden and fresh mozzarella (melted). So simple and incredibly satisfying. I'd love to hear about your simple veggie meals.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shows, the Beach and New Work

After 3 super fun, but crazy days at Artscape, followed by my final business plan being due, followed by another show, I took a much needed couple of days at the beach. I was too busy relaxing to take many photos, other than the one above. I got to spend time with my adorable nephews, my fun sister and brother-in-law and a had great time at the Lewes, Delaware beach, just relaxing. We even drove over to Rehobeth beach to get some Nicobolis (mmm), beer and boardwalk. It really doesn't get better than that.

Now that the vacation is over I am (surprise!) focusing my time in the studio. I'm fascinated with hand-fabricated cabochons, the metal-on-metal 3D possibilities are really interesting to me. I've posted this necklace, but also have about 2 more charms half done sitting on my bench. I can't wait to see where this will take me.

"Grafitti Bezel Charm" $72

Oh, and also, one of my classmates from my entrepreneurship program wrote an article about my jewelry and earth-friendly material and studio practices. Yeah!!! Check it out for yourself: