Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Man Bracelet and My New Life

Well, we never know where life is going to take us right? For months I've been slammed with tons of Etsy orders, shows and more. At the same time, I was working at a demanding day job, fantasizing about the day I could just work on my art. All of the sudden that day is now. Here I am with no job and all day to work on my jewelry, starting yesterday. It's a little shocking, but exciting at the same time. For instance, I could go for a hike - right in the middle of the day or write this blog entry. It might take me a little while to wrap my mind around this.

On another subject, I was commissioned to create a "man bracelet" for a very nice Baltimore girl a few weeks ago. Her boyfriend is Mexican and we brainstormed different Mexican themes and landed on Day of the Dead. I'm so happy with the way this bracelet turned out. I'm especially proud of the little skull that I sawed out by hand, and the manly badass quality of this bracelet. It was such a thrill to be challenged and to spend a lot of time developing one piece, sort of like being back in art school (except without the stress and grades). It was the perfect project for me right now, and I dropped it off in person right after I left my day job for the last time on Friday. Pretty symbolic, I think.


Spa Therapy Works said...

wow, some change, huh?
Hope you're' OK.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Sounds divine...good for you! You'll adjust faster than you think; wishing you much success!