Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

I woke up to this lovely winter wonderland today! This picture shows my faithful companion, Louie, checking out the snow in front of the barn. This was taken just after I attempted to drive my husband to the metro, only to turn around after about a 1/2 mile of driving on treacherous roads. After we got back we were wondering what we were thinking? We've surrendered to the weather now and are all snuggled up in our cabin house.

This weekend was the ACC in Baltimore and I really enjoyed it. On Friday I volunteered at the Hello Craft booth. Hello Craft was interviewing folks that had purchased items and hearing their story about why handmade is important to them. The Hello Craft ladies, Kim, Kelly, and Sara are so smart and were a joy to talk to and spend time with.

Sunday I went back to the show and took it all in. There was so much to look at and so much talent, I am truly humbled. I even reconnected with my very first metalsmithing teacher and super talent, Amy Tavern. Other favorite artists include: Eric Silva, Arthur Hash, Rebound Designs and Pistol Stitched. It was great to see what all these amazing talents are doing. Overall, the ACC experience was fantastic.

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tigerlillyshop said...

it is a winter wonderland! so beautiful!