Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Back!

I took about a month and a half off from blogging, and I missed it (and you!) very much. I got swept away in shows - three in 4 weeks and two features on Etsy which made my shop really busy. This is all very good news, but it's nice for things to settle back down a bit.

Even though it's been a little quiet for the past week or two, it's going to get really busy again. I have Art Star this weekend and my brother's wedding. To juggle this, my friend Karen of Dari is going to man our booth on Saturday and I'm taking the train up to Philly (from D.C.) on Sunday. Madness, I know. It's just one weekend, right?

So, I hope to spend lots more time blogging very soon. Everything is just so exciting right now, I have lots of cute new styles to share with you and also, our country house is filled with flowers and gorgeous lush rolling hills. I hope to take some pictures to post.

xo - Elisa

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Earth Alley said...


Are u interested in selling at Earth Alley, an eco boutique in Hampden?