Thursday, July 9, 2009

Never Want To Let You Go....

Like the song, I never want to let these new pieces I've hours obsessing over go. I'm usually so busy producing quantities of work that I don't normally get too attached to any one piece of jewelry. However, I recently discovered not one but two totally unique, Montana Agates that are so gorgeous, they have these lovely inclusions that give them a sense of movement and have a subtle modern transparancy about them. I'm so happy with the settings I've crafted, I've been doing a lot of scalloped edges lately and they seem to work so well with these pendants.

Also, as it turns out Montana Agate isn't actually mined, but instead is found in gravel bars by the Yellowstone River in far eastern Montana and then hand gathered. I am so excited that something so pretty is earth-friendly and conflict-free.

I've been wearing the necklace shown above since last night and refuse to take it off. I will try to part with it, as I would like to feature these two pendants at Artscape. They will be priced between $120 - $14o.

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Carol B said...

Those are beautiful stones and settings!