Sunday, November 1, 2009

Production Time

Yes, I've known for quite some time that the holiday season was coming. A time when I need to have lots and lots of jewelry ready to be snatched up on Etsy and at the craft shows that I'll be doing. But then the acceptance notices starting rolling in and now I have 5 shows, one of which is a two day show and Craftland, which is this amazing month long show in Providence, RI. So, I sat down and started to do some figuring and came up with this awesome chart:

Basically, this chart says that I need to make over 200 pieces of jewelry. In the next 5 weeks. Luckily, I've gotten a good head start on that goal, so I think I'll be okay. I'll likely be working some late nights and weekends, but it'll totally be worth it to do these amazing shows. Seriously, check out this line up:

Saturday, November 21st: Holiday Heist in Vienna, VA
Saturday, December 5th: Holiday Heap, Baltimore
Saturday, December 5th & 6th: Renegade Chicago
Saturday, December 12th: Squidfire, Baltimore (sharing a space with Sugar Paperie)
Sunday, December 13th: Last Minute Maul at School 33

Here is my new inventory box, just waiting to be filled (don't worry, I have a whole other box of inventory already made). I'll keep you all posted on my progress. Beer and coffee will help get me through (and lots of face licks from Louie, my faithful studio companion).


ljs0928 said...

Yeah, I'm in the same boat - I have 6 shows coming up - 4 in Nov and 2 in Dec. Have been furiously working the past 2 weeks making up holiday items. Just trying to figure out whether to just focus on inventory for just fair/shows or or post same items to Etsy? Linda

Elisa Shere said...

Linda - Most of my items are production oriented - not one of a kind. Most of my one of a kind stuff I don't even post to Etsy. I am planning to pump up my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks, I usually have a big rush in between thanksgiving and xmas. good luck making!