Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Made by Hank

Have you ever wanted something for a long, long time? Like for a couple of years? Well, I've wanted a Made by Hank bag forever. But seeing as how this designer is amazing, like red hot, it's hard to snag one. She posts her bags every-so-often and then they dissapear quickly. But not this time! This time I snagged myself this little number.

This little pouch will be perfect in my Moop bag, which I currently use as a diaper bag. This way, when we go into a cafe and I don't actually need the diaper bag, I can grab this sweet pouch and feel stylish. Which is rare these days. This mama needs a little style.

Oh, and I really, really want one of these. But, these bags go quick. One of these days I'll get lucky and get a big bag too. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

i found your post while trying in vain to find a store that carries made by hanks, i always miss the big bags, too!
she has two gray big bags in her shop right now, if you are still hankering for one! haha! i'm holding out for the flapless shoulder bag, but you might dig the ones she has.
and yes, i feel like a stalker typing this, but i too know the heartbreak of missing her shop posts :)
good luck!


Freshie said...

I love Made by Hank, too! I scored one at Renegade the year it RAINED cats and dogs. She opened her booth late since it was leaking so badly and when she waterproofed it enough to put out her merchandise, I was ready and waiting to purchase a bag!

Elisa Shere said...

Thanks for sharing! It's fun to hear how others have snagged their Hank bag. I didn't do Art Star for the first time in a few years, this year, and Made by Hank was there. I was so wishing I was ther been there, so I could look through all her bags in person. Sigh...