Thursday, October 2, 2008

Alexander Calder, Metalsmith

bracelet c.1948

I'm finally visiting Philadelphia next weekend for the first time as an adult. When I first moved back to the east coast last year I was so excited to visit Philly, New York, Boston and more, but somehow never got around to it - until now. While excitedly planning my trip, I starting researching local museums and current exhibits. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this amazing Alexander Calder jewelry exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Alexander Calder's jewelry appears to be just as modern, yet simple, and kinetic as his sculptures. I love the raw and ornamental qualities of his pieces. Although his pieces were not designed to be worn everyday, they have a nice pared-down quality to them. I can't wait to see his jewelry in person.

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kim* said...

ive been to PA but never to philly... id like to though HELLO the greatest band ever came out of there, the snowfairies :)