Saturday, October 4, 2008

Green Idea: Giving new life to a takeout container

This year, like many people, I've been making an extra effort to be conscious of what I consume and what I put in the landfill. Going beyond simply putting plastic water bottles in the recycling bin, I've been reducing consumption by bringing my own bags to the store and doing my best to not purchase items that cause any extra waste. However, with our busy schedules sometimes it seems impossible to keep all random plastic items out of our lives.

Last night, exhausted after a busy week, I picked up some takeout. Guess what came with it? This enormous plastic container. After careful cosideration, I decided that this would be perfect for planting seeds or starts. So, I cleaned out the container and poked holes for drainage in each of the sections. If it wasn't fall, I would have planted some new seeds or starts to put outside. A use in winter could be an indoor herb garden for your kitchen. I feel so happy that this container turned out to be so useful!

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