Friday, October 31, 2008

This is what it's all about

A very nice fellow Baltimore resident contacted me earlier this week for a rush order. His lady was going out of town in a couple of days and he needed some special gifts for her. I rushed to get his order of a Sweetest Flower necklace and Big Loop earrings together and arranged to meet the next day. It was so much fun to work with a local person via Etsy! Sometimes I feel strangely alienated from the people who buy my work, since I sell most of it over the Internet.

Anyway, my new Baltimore friend actually took pictures of the gift recipient with the jewelry on and sent them to me (see above). How cool is that? That really, really made my day. And, I think the pieces she received look great on her. This is truly what it's all about.


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Lovely work, any chance you'll post the pics here?
Peace, Judi

Elisa Shere said...

The picture I posted with the feature is one of the ones that was sent. Sorry if it wasn't more clear. She's wearing my big loops and the Sweetest Flower necklace.